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Developing Management Skills

To be a success at living independently, you will need to become an effective manager by taking control over yourself and your resources. Management involves using resources to meet your goals. In other words, it means using what you have to get what you need or want. Management skills are helpful in many situations—from simple to complex. Continue reading

Developing Problem-Solving Skills

Life is filled with many problems that need solving. Problems may result from everyday situations, relationships, opportunities, challenges, changes, and even crises. Sometimes the situations you face are complex, involve other people, and need multiple decisions. Some problems may feel so overwhelming that you try to avoid dealing with them. Solving problems effectively is a skill you can learn. Continue reading

Developing Decision-Making Skills

Decisions are part of life. Each day you make countless decisions, or choices. Each decision you make has a unique set of characteristics. As you make decisions, you will find that following a step-by-step process will result in easier decisions and better results. In addition, you will want to take a positive approach to decision-making and avoid negative approaches. Continue reading