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Adult Children Living at Home

Yesterday, I discovered Adult Children Living at Home, a blog written by Christina Newberry, a young woman has returned home to live with her parents twice. Interestingly, the blog helps parents anticipate and deal with issues that arise when an adult child moves home. The categories addressed include general advice, planning strategies, communication strategies, financial and budgeting tips. It also includes family stories and posts from the adult child’s perspective. Continue reading

Making the Most of Living with Family

Sometimes, living on your own just isn’t the right choice for the time being. You may finish school and need time to find a job. You may lose your job and not be able to find a new one. You may have a financial crisis and need to cut your expenses until you recover. You might have a health or emotional crisis and need your family’s support. Remember that the people who have been there for you in the past are likely to be the ones you turn to when you need help. If you have maintained a positive relationship with your family and they can help, moving back home may be an option. However, as with moving out, moving back in may not be the right choice for either you or your family. Continue reading

Separating from Family and Friends

Moving away from home may cause you to experience homesickness, a longing for home and family and familiar routines. Homesickness isn’t exactly about either home or sickness. Instead, it stems from our needs for love, protection, and security–feelings and qualities usually associated with home. Homesickness can strike when you move to new surroundings and experience new situations, people, and demands. Continue reading

Supporting Yourself—The Challenges

When you move out on your own, you will assume responsibility for providing the basic necessities of life for yourself. Providing those necessities— shelter, food, clothing, and transportation—requires a predictable source of income. In fact, it is essential to survival in the adult world. Continue reading