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How Much Space Do You Really Need?

More and more Americans are looking for increasingly small places to live, some less than 100 square feet. Small-space living is most popular with young urban singles and students who live in cities where the cost of living is high. Some micro-housing buildings provide living quarters for six to eight residents who share a kitchen; other similar spaces include a small kitchenette. The spaces are about the size of a camper or a hotel room, typically 150 to 250 square feet, and may even be transportable. Those promoting these small abodes aren’t talking about people who are “downsizing.” Instead, they have coined the term “rightsizing” to describe the goal of the “minimalists” who are choosing to live small. Continue reading

Buying Your First Home

After saving for a down payment and establishing a good credit rating, you are ready to start looking for your first home. Not so fast! Before you start searching the internet and trolling your favorite neighborhood, take time to educate yourself about the real estate market in your area. Continue reading