Living on Your Own (A Guide for Young Adults) is a blog about meeting the challenges of leaving parents’ nests. It also provides a forum for young adults to share their challenges and tips for living independently.

The creator of this blog is Dr. Linda Glosson, a retired educator whose career has included teaching and writing in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences. Dr. Glosson has taught at both high school and college levels and has worked as a curriculum specialist and as a freelance educational writer.

Dr. Glosson is familiar with the challenges teenagers and young adults face as they learn to live independently. Her professional experiences have dealt with the topics addressed in this blog: achieving independence, career preparation, getting a job, achieving career success, managing income and expenses, managing money, meeting housing needs, becoming a responsible consumer, maintaining personal well-being, self-improvement, and connecting with others. She has personally observed both the challenges of parents in launching their children into adulthood as well as the struggles of older teens and young adults in making that transition.

This blog focuses on information and resources on the topics above. In addition, Dr. Glosson hopes the readers will describe challenges they are facing, suggest topics,and share tips and resources they have found useful. Readers’ suggestions for improving the blog are also welcome.

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