Developing Problem-Solving Skills

Life is filled with many problems that need solving. Problems may result from everyday situations, relationships, opportunities, challenges, changes, and even crises. Sometimes the situations you face are complex, involve other people, and need multiple decisions. Some problems may feel so overwhelming that you try to avoid dealing with them. Solving problems effectively is a skill you can learn.

The way you view problems has a lot to do with how you solve them. Keeping an optimistic outlook allows you to see the opportunities that lie within many situations.  Solving problems is one way to turn negatives into positives or opportunities and to take charge of your life.

Some problems are more difficult to solve than others. Whatever the problem, tackling it logically is the key to success. Breaking a problem into smaller parts makes it easier to solve. You may find that the problem involves several decisions. Solving a complex problem may mean making many decisions. If so, make a list of the decisions required then tackle each individually using your decision-making skills. If the problem involves other people, you will need to use good communication skills. Each person involved should help make the decisions and take the actions needed to resolve the problem. Once each decision is made and acted upon, the problem should be solved.

Problem-solving skills can help you prepare for the challenges you will face throughout life. As an adult you will be responsible for solving many problems. The more you use your problem-solving skills, the more confident you will become when taking on life’s challenges. You will also learn that solving problems together can bring people closer. Finally, as you learn from your actions, you will find yourself handling new problems more skillfully.

You can learn more by reading the article, Skills for Problem Solving by Kathryn Rateliff Barr.

How might you use one of the techniques described might help you solve a problem you face?

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