Making the Most of Resources

Resources are the tools you will use to make the most of your life. While people have the same types of resources, your personal set of resources is unique. For example, not everyone has the same knowledge and skills or the same amount of energy. For that reason, decisions about the use of resources are very personal.

Your resource toolbox will include a variety of useful tools. It will include both human and material resources as well as natural resources. Human resources include your time, energy, attitude, and ability. Hunan resources also include a network of other people who expand your resources by making theirs available to you. Your network will include your family friends, and others you know as well as professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, counselors, and teachers. These tools are the basic resources you will use to make decisions, solve problems, reach your goals, and manage your life.

You are unlikely to have unlimited resources. The resources you do have are equally unlikely to stretch as far as you wish. Once you identify your resources, you will need to learn how to make the most of them. You can do this in several ways.

Increase your resources. One way is to get acquainted with a variety of people in your community. You can turn to the people you know for help. Check local media sources to find service providers you might need. Check bulletin boards and flyers in public places to learn about other local resources. Develop your own knowledge and skills. For example, education and training can result in higher earnings. Home maintenance skills can cut the need for service calls. Consumer skills make you stretch your money further. Which of your resources would you like to increase? What steps can you take to increase those resources?

Conserve your resources. Reduce the amount of resources like water, gas, and electricity that you use. Before throwing away things you own, consider reusing, repurposing, swapping, selling, or donating. Perhaps you can recycle or make it into something new. Save money by taking care of your possessions, making repairs, and doing household tasks yourself. In what other ways can you conserve resources?

Substitute resources. Substitute your personal energy for money by making a gift for a family member or friend. Instead of buying books and videos, check them out from the library. Instead of running the heater or air conditioner on high, save money by putting on warmer clothes in the winter and using fans in the summer. Save money on your grocery bill by choosing hamburger, chicken, or beans instead of higher priced steak.

Share resources. Trade tools, books, music, or clothes with friends. Repair something for a friend who agrees to teach you a new skill in return. Instead of paying a tutor, join a study group. Sharing can increase your resources. There are many other ways sharing can increase your resources.

Resources are all around you. Your challenge is to find them and use them to help you reach personal or group goals. Be a resourceful person by recognizing and making good use of your resources. When you have too little of one resource, think creatively to find new resources or to make better use of other resources. For example, you can convert your free time into money by getting a part-time job. You might volunteer to help a classmate type a research paper in exchange for tutoring in algebra. Resourceful people can more easily solve problems, an important skill for anyone who wants to succeed.

How can you make the most of your resources?

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