So, You Want to Move Out…

While your reasons for seeking independence are personal, many young people consider moving out for one of the following reasons:

  • Pressure to move out because you have reached a particular age or stage in life. Perhaps your family considers it time because you are 18, are attending vocational school or college, have a good job, or are getting married.
  • Conflicts with family members are resulting in strained relationships. Perhaps you and your parents disagree on the hours you keep or whether you should give part of your income toward family expenses. Perhaps you want to get away from younger siblings who constantly demand attention and do things that annoy you. Many of your friends may have already moved away from home.
  • Urging from friends to share an apartment. Your friends want to spend more time with you. They promise you a good time. And, of course, they’re willing to share expenses.
  • Feeling the need for independence. You are looking forward to living in your own place. You want to make your own decisions. You know that you are ready to take responsibility for yourself.

The article, Moving Out on Your Own: Tips for Moving Out of Your Parents House by Larry Cooder, provides additional tips:

What are your reasons for wanting to move out on your own? And more important, are you ready?

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