Making the Decision to Move Out

Unfortunately, you and your parents may disagree about your readiness to live independently. Your parents cannot withdraw their protection when you are ready to accept more responsibility for your life. They may have trouble giving up parental authority and treating you as an equal. The reverse may also be true. You probably enjoy some special advantages while still living at home that you will not have when you live on your own. You may lack readiness or willing to assume responsibility as rapidly as your parents wish. Without a little conflict to spur you to action, leaving your familiar environment for one that less comfortable and more demanding is difficult. You will know the time is right when your main reason for leaving home is because you need and are ready to accept greater responsibility. After all, independent living has its own special advantages.

How do your parents feel about your readiness to live independently? What advantages of living at home will you miss when you move out? Can you honestly say that you are ready to move out?

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